Date: 31th of January 2022 – 25th of March 2022

Learning Mode: Synchronous or Asynchronous
All sessions will be recorded live and hosted on a virtual campus for later review

Certificate: GBI Blockchain Academy Certificate at the end of the course

For Whom: Those with zero blockchain knowledge or those who are looking to take their understanding to the next level

Scholarship: GBI will grant up to five scholarships to the best graduates for the Blockchain Master Degree of Zigurat Innovation and Technology Business School

Sufficient English skills to follow classes
Access to computer and internet connection
Around 1 hours of study per day (can be completed asynchronous)
Interest in learning about emerging technologies



A first-of-its-kind course that is equally relevant for new entrants into the blockchain world and for veterans in the space that are looking to keep up with the developments in that space. The GBI Blockchain Academy is designed:

  • to help develop a holistic understanding of the many aspects of the blockchain space for beginners
  • to strengthen the understanding of the core aspects of the technology for experienced users
  • to keep up with the most current developments in the the blockchain world for blockchain veterans

You will explore fundamental and technical aspects of each of the different subsects of blockchain across a number of carefully curated units, learn about current use cases, and graduate the course with a solid understanding that you can use as a springboard to get started with blockchain, take the next step on your blockchain journey or to kickstart your blockchain career.

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Unit 1: Blockchain Foundations

  • Why should we care about Blockchain at all?
  • Building a more efficient digital economy

Unit 2: Understanding the Basics

  • What is a Blockchain and How Does it Work?
  • What is Bitcoin and What Makes it Special?
  • The Blockchain Ecosystem and its Layers
  • What are Second and Third Generation Blockchains?

Unit 3: Cryptocurrencies and the Token Universe

  • What are Coins and Tokens?
  • How Do I Get Coins and Tokens?
  • How Do I Store Coins and Tokens?
  • What Can I Do with Coins and Tokens?
  • What are Stablecoins?
  • What are Central Bank Digital Currencies?

Unit 4: Understanding Consensus Mechanisms and Mining

  • Introduction to Consensus Mechanisms
  • Mining 101

Unit 5: Regulation & Legality

  • The Current Regulatory Landscape Around the Globe
  • Taxation

Unit 6: Decentralised Finance

  • What is Decentralised Finance?
  • DeFi Case Study

Unit 7: The New Digital Economy

  • Introduction to NFTs
  • the Metaverse and Gaming
  • NFT Case Study
  • Engagement Case Study
  • Gaming Case Study

Unit 8: At the Intersection of a New World

  • What are Decentralized Autonomous Organisations?
  • How Do We Shape Governance in a Decentralised World?
  • Blockchain meets Artificial Intelligence
  • Blockchain meets Internet-Of-Things
  • Blockchain meets Quantum Technologies
  • Blockchain and Distributed Computing
  • The Philosophy of Decentralisation and Centralisation

Unit 9: DApps & Smart Contract Development

  • How to Build on a Blockchain?
  • What is a Decentralised Application?
  • What is a Smart Contract?
  • Solidity 101


George Coxon
George Coxon

Director at Nano Foundation and Appia

Frederik Gregaard

CEO of the Cardano Foundation

Irina Karagyaur

Head of Metaverse Growth at Unique Network | Head Ambassador at Polkadot | Advisor at Silta

Marcello Mari

CEO of SingularityDAO | Head of Communications at SingularityNET

Pete Hill

VP at Cudos

Maggie Tladi
Ngoanamokgotho Maggie Tladi

GBI South Africa | Director at South African Customs Union

Gordon Berger


Heather Leigh Flannery

Founder & CEO at ConsenSys Health | Chair of HIMSS Blockchain Task Force | Chair of IEEE SA Open P2418.6 | Chair of EEA Healthcare Interest Group

Prof. Dr. Philipp Sander

Head of Frankfurt School Blockchain Center | Top 30 German Economist

Dr Guenther Dobrauz

Partner & Leader PwC Legal Switzerland | Member of PwC’s Global Legal Leadership Team | | Founder of Disruptive Disciples | Advisory Board of European Law Observatory on New Technologies

Dr Clara Billek

FinTech, Blockchain and Legal Innovation at Government of Liechtenstein | Partner at Untitled INC, Distributed Economy Think Tank & Ventures

Dr Thomas Dünser

Director Office for Financial Market Innovation, Government of Liechtenstein | Member of the Supervisory Board at Blockchain Founders Group

Lee Schneider

General Counsel at Ava Labs

Joe Petrowski

Technical Integrations Lead at Web3 Foundation for Polkadot and Kusama Networks

Mick McCoy

Associate Director, Emerging Technologies at Humana | Adjunct Professor, Emerging Technologies at Thomas Jefferson University

Adrien Tharin

Co-Head of the FinTech, Blockchain and Digital Assets Practice at PwC Legal

Laurent Strauss
Laurent Strauss

GBI Switzerland | Chief Cyber Security Strategist at Micro Focus

Christian Grewell

Associate Arts Professor at NYU Shanghai

Taavi Tuisk
Taavi Tuisk

GBI Estonia | Founder of Ringy

Cesar Santoyo
Cesar Santoyo

GBI Japan | Founder of Tokyo Blockchain Academy

Pablo Olivera Brizzio
Pablo Olivera Brizzio

GBI UAE | Senior Innovation Manager at Abu Dhabi Ports

Jean Bosco
Jean Bosco

GBI Project Lead | Blockchain Advisory | Senior Analyst at Malta Financial Authority

Ben Baldieri
Ben Baldieri

GBI UK & China | GBI Academy Project Lead

Linda McLeod
Linda McLeod

GBI Namibia Local Hub Lead

Stefan Schürz
Stefan Schürz

GBI Austria | Head of Research at LifeTool

Cedric Mössner
Cedric Mössner

GBI Technical Community Lead | Head of Technical Education

Robin Weninger
Robin Weninger

GBI Initiator | Managing Director of the Global Institute of Leadership and Technology



The tuition for the program is fully covered by GBI and its partners. The participation in the GBI Academy is free for individuals.

Yes, you can apply for scholarships without participating in the GBI Academy on our Scholarship Application page.

Certificates will be granted at the end of the academy. You need to pass all assignments of the GBI Academy to qualify for the certificate.

It might be that you will find a couple of the sessions very easy, but we have a lot of exciting Case Studies along the way and share the latest knowledge in all fields covered by our curriculum.