Apply for a Blockchain Scholarship for the May 2022 Edition

Scholarship FAQs

The GBI Scholarship you are applying to grants admission to the Global Master in Blockchain Technologies run by Zigurat Innovation and Technology Business School with a Dual Degree from the Universitat de Barcelona. The program lasts one academic year, is 100% online and run in cohorts of around 25-30 students per intake. Please read the program page carefully before you apply. The program starts in May 2022.

GBI is collecting applications on a rolling basis. The next scholarship review process starts in late January 2022 for the program admission in May 2022. You can submit your application already but won’t get feedback till late January 2022.

Level 1: A GBI Member will review your application documents

Level 2: A GBI member will reach out to you for an interview. First interviews will last around 20 minutes and are normally done by two GBI members.

Level 3a: Our advisory board will review your application and schedule another call in case the want to talk to you

Level 3B: Depending on the scholarship terms, a GBI partner might reach out for an additional interview

Level 4: The GBI Scholarship Committee will pick the scholars from the shortlist

Level 5: An academic advisor will review your formal application documents. If your documents are matching the academic standards needed to join the program you will be admitted to the program.

The duration of the program is one academic year. The program is designed in a way that you can work full-time in parallel and the majority of students is doing exactly that. However, you should plan at least one full day of learning and participating in the program per week. Most students report that spending around one hour per day is working out ideal to follow the program. It might be necessary to take a couple of days off during the time of thesis writing.

As a rule of thumb: Around 80% of the content is delivered asynchronous and 20% of the content is delivered synchronous. All synchronous sessions are also available as recordings and can be reviewed asynchronous. However, participation in synchronous classes is highly encouraged.

You will graduate with a double degree from Zigurat Innovation and Technology Business School and the Universitat de Barcelona. The Master’s degree is accredited with 60 ECTS. Your enrollment manager will help you with all details after your successful application.

No, the program does not require computer science or coding knowledge in advance. You will learn everything you need along the way.

Every student in the Masters program has access to a pool of mentors that will support the learning journey. Additionally, GBI scholars will get a dedicated tutor that will ensure the success of the participant.

No, the program is 100% online and you can study from anywhere in the world as long as you have a device with an internet connection.

Yes. Reach out to your closest GBI hub for a chat about the program via our contact form or find us on LinkedIn.